January 12, 2018
Here is the link to the draft version of the 2018 St. James Township 5-year Recreation Plan. Physical copies of the draft are also available at the Beaver Island District Library and at the Governmental Center.The draft version will be available for public comment for one month. On Monday February 12, 2018 there will be a public hearing held by the St. James Township Board at 7:00PM--look for the official notice next week. An online comment form is available in the link--all comments will be read and considered by the Township Board before adopting the plan.
Link:  http://www.resilientmichigan.org/stjames_plan.asp

November 29, 2017

Deputy St James Township Supervisor, Patrick Cull (BICS class of 2009) has been busy updating the township’s 5-year recreation plan.  When the plan is completed and accepted by the State of Michigan, the township will be eligible to apply for major grants to complete projects that will improve and promote access to recreational sites for residents and visitors. The plan is being drafted based upon input from the recently completed Master Plan process and township adopted recreation goals. Click here to view: St. James Township Goals

As soon as the rough draft is ready for review, we will place a link here.  In January 2018 the township will host a public informational session to get feedback as well as an electronic format for people to comment and provide feedback.  The plan is expected to be adopted in February 2018 following a formal public hearing. The plan will be adopted in time to apply for grants during the State’s spring 2018 granting cycle. 

The township received a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to help fund the planning and development of a 5-Year recreation plan and grant-ready projects.